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The history of forming of the group of chemical industry production companies, united under the Polikom brand, goes back to the foundation of “Polikom.” LLC in 1997. The main production of that company were medical wares produced by PVC-plastisol rotary formation technology. Scientific knowledge, a considerable production experience and innovatory future plans of the company founders and specialists resulted into a dynamic development of the enterprise, mastering of new technologies and expanding onto new chemical production markets. In close cooperation with the scientific environment each company improves, modernizes and expands its product range, increases volume of production and expands sales geography each year.

At present Polikom group is:

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We understand permanent success in business as competence multiplied by hard work and honesty. We are always open to cooperation with partners who share the same philosophy of business.

  • Polikom, LLC, 2a, Shkilna street, Broshniv-Osada,Rozhniativ district, Ivano-Frankivsk reg., Ukraine, 77611
  • Phones: +38 (03474) 47-6-86, 47-6-25, 47-6-73
  • E-mail: office@polikom.net.ua
  • Website: polikom.net.ua


Limited liability company “Polikom.” is innovative, client-oriented production company which develops dynamically. It was founded in 1997 due to the initiative of a group of experts who had more than 30-year scientific and production experience in the sphere of polymer synthesis and processing. Nowadays Polikom is the leader in CIS in development of PVC-based compositions; production of the wide range of commodity PVC-plastisols and PVC-granulates for wallpaper industry, linoleum, artificial leather, sealing gaskets for food and technical designation; as well as production of roll technical materials (awnings, banners, geomembranes), protector working gloves, souvenir products etc. Polikom operates its great experience, which is strengthened by its own researches and following of new tendencies, and constantly improves its products and expands its stock.

As for today our company produces also organic pigment pastes for colouring of PVC-plastisols, water-based systems for wallpaper production, pigment pastes for their colouring, undusted effect-pigments and other multifunctional additives for different usage spheres according to their individual properties.

  • Polikem, LLC, 1, Zavodska street, Kalush, Ivano-Frankivsk reg., Ukraine, 77305
  • Phones: +380 (3472) 7-89-22, 7-89-32
  • E-mail: office@polikem.com.ua


Limited liability company “Polikem” is a chemical producing factory which was founded in 2005 by Polikom., LLC and its Slovakian partners. In 2007 production facilities for producing of PVC-plasticizers and other polymers were successfully installed and put into work with the capacity of 15,000 ton per year. Following new tendencies and exploring of new markets motivates this company to expand its own product range. As for today this company produces five types of PVC-plastisizers:

  • Dioctyl phthalate (DOP).
  • Dioctyl adipinate (DOA).
  • Di-isodecyl adipate (DIDA).
  • Di-butil maleniate (DBM).
  • Diisononylphthalate (DINP).

In 2016 company began production of PVA-glues of a wide range for industry and everyday use.

  • Polismoly, LLC, 4, Zavodska street, Vygoda, Dolyna district, Ivano-Frankivsk reg., Ukraine, 77552
  • Phone: +38 (099) 049-40-10
  • E-mail: polismoly@gmail.com


Limited liability company “Polismoly” is a production company founded in 2017  by Polikom., LLC and partners. It specializes on production of low-toxic urea-formaldehyde resins, which are mainly used in wood-processing and metal industry. Thanks to a close cooperation with the leading specialists in this sphere, Polismoly, LLC are constantly improving its products,  expanding its range and increasing production facilities. Nowadays production capacity of Polismoly, LLC are more than 20,000 ton per year. The company produces low-toxic urea-formaldehyde resins of the following brands:

  • Urea-formaldehyde resins (UFR) , brands UF-LT (low-toxic), UF-LT (p) (low toxic for plywood production) and UF-I (for the production of moisture-proof and decorative boards based on impregnated paper) for the production of fiberboard, particleboard and plywood with emission class E1.
  • Melamine-urea-formaldehyde resins (MUFR), brands MUF-4, MUF-8, MUF-12, MUF-18 (with 4%, 8%, 12% and 18% of melamine correspondingly) for the production of fiberboard, particleboard and plywood with increased humidity emission class E1.